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Hey Ya'll!  I'm

Irlene Mender

I am a southeast Louisiana based photographer. I am so excited to share my passion of photography with you. I fell in love with photography after receiving my first digital camera to take pictures of my son playing sports.

I have been married to a fantastic man since 2002 and we have the most amazing son. I love any sporting event that my son is playing in, the color purple, yoga pants and sweatshirts, any type of pizza, and singing in the car when I'm by myself.

And sometimes I even know the words.

OUR MISSION at City View Studio is to capture those moments in life that you will cherish forever. Most moments come and go without a second thought, but sometimes you want to hold onto them. There is nothing more special than capturing a beautiful moment that would have otherwise just passed on by. Now you get to treasure it forever.

View More: http://kvrphotography.pass.us/menderfamily2017
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